“The use of generative AI (GenAI) large language models (LLMs) and chat interfaces, especially connected to third-party solutions outside the organization firewall, represent a widening of attack surfaces and security threats to enterprises.”

Emerging Tech: Top 4 Security Risks of GenAI

How we helped Guesty minimize Generative-AI risks

“AI is here to stay and we don’t want to block innovation. With Astrix we can safely leverage the power of AI. Astrix is a lighthouse in a sea of AI integrations.”

Gilad Solomon
Head of IT & IS
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Gen-AI exposure
in numbers

Mid-size organizations already have, on average, 54 Generative-AI integrations to core systems like Slack, GitHub and Google Workspace . *

*Astrix Security Research Group

Unleash the power of Generative-AI Without compromising security

The Astrix Platform provides security teams visibility into AI third-party services your employees are connecting, as well as control over permissions and properly evaluate potential security risks.

With Astrix you get:

Real time inventory of AI-tools in use
Automated security guardrails to easily allow or disallow AI integrations
Reduced attack surface - remove connections with untrusted AI app vendors, over privileged access and redundant AI connections 
Anomaly detection: stolen tokens, internal app abuse in real time 
Auto remediation workflows and allowing end-users on resolving their security issues independently.
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